Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tamashii Feature's 2011

Several upcoming items were featured during this event.  Though cameras are not allowed, some of the attendees were still able to go paparazzi over their favorite Saints and share these images with us...

Shaina preview 1

Shaina preview 2
Shaina is of particular interest as she'll be the first female saint released with the new female body type. Hopefully they get her unmasked face correctly as she's also one of the prettiest Saint.

Phoenix v1 and his Black Saints
Pheonix v1Black PhoenixBlack PegasusBlack AndromedaBlack CygnusBlack Dragon

The Steel Saints are also now complete and to be released as exclusives -_-'
Steel Saint SkySteel Saint MarineSteel Saint Land

12" Sagittarius Seiya was also spotted in the event... the joints can be seen which suggests this is a full action figure, only bigger! Wonder how much this would cost if they really decide to do a line of 12" figures... it's gonna be cool but this is not a move most fans would be in favor of.
Sagittarius 12inches 02Sagittarius 12inches 01

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