Sunday, February 27, 2011

Phoenix Ikki v1 confirmed for June 2011

Coming on June 2011 is the powerful Kamen Rider ☺ Bronze Saint, Phoenix Ikki v1. The Phoenix Saint is quite lucky compared to the rest as he's getting alternate faces all in one package and he's got a total of three - A normal Ikki face, a shouting face, and the face with visor! Unlike, the shouting faces for Pegasus Seiya v1 and Andromeda Shun v1 which is only available with the Black Pegasus and Black Andromeda Tamashii webstore exclusive package.

Phoenix v1 mag01

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Bonds That Trancends Time Trailer

Have been seeing teasers and trailers of this movie for a few months now, hopefully the video will be available soon for all Yu-Gi-Oh fans to enjoy. In the movie, a new mysterious enemy called Paradox captures the ace card Stardust Dragon from Yusei Fudo, the main character of Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's, for his own plans. Somehow he was transported to the past and meets up with fellow protagonists of previous series namely, Judai Yuki from the GX series and THE legendary Yugi Mutou/Pharoah of the original series *cheers*.

Until we have the movie, here's a trailer which is actually a compilation of the 3 teasers that surfaced and other separate trailers.

Steel Saints prototypes complete

The trio is complete, all of them exclusive releases by Bandai as well. How ironic, you'd think Bandai would release these less popular characters at a lower price so more people would get them. Here are more released pictures, this time featuring alternative shouting faces for Land Daich and Marine Ushio.

Steel Saints 01
Steel Saints 02

Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's OVA: Evolving Duel! Stardust vs. Red Daemon's!

Just found out that an OVA came out some time ago for Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's featuring a rematch battle between Yusei and Jack. Being an OVA this is not a canon part of the story. Amazing power struggle like the usual Jack vs Yusei battles, good thing somebody already shared this on YouTube. Enough talk, draw!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tamashii Feature's 2011 Exclusive

Like usual, the Saint Cloth Myth items were quickly sold out during the event.  This time, 2 packages (technically 3 items if you count Saori and Seiya separately) were featured at the event.

Andromeda Shun final version OCE
(pictures are from GA Graphic)
andromeda final oce 01
andromeda final oce object
andromeda final oce 02andromeda final oce 03tf-exclusive-andro-final-oce

Pegasus Seiya broken OCE & Saori Kido OCE
(pictures are from GA Graphic)
pegasus broken & saori kido oce 01

pegasus broken oce 02
pegasus broken oce object
pegasus broken oce 01pegasus broken oce 03tf-exclusive-pegasus-saori-oce

saori kido oce 01
saori kido oce 02
Saori comes with a pretty in pink dress and brown hair but is missing the lot of accessories she came with in the limited release. Particularly her majestic throne, giant vase, and the urn used to seal Poseidon.

Tamashii Feature's 2011

Several upcoming items were featured during this event.  Though cameras are not allowed, some of the attendees were still able to go paparazzi over their favorite Saints and share these images with us...

Shaina preview 1

Shaina preview 2
Shaina is of particular interest as she'll be the first female saint released with the new female body type. Hopefully they get her unmasked face correctly as she's also one of the prettiest Saint.

Phoenix v1 and his Black Saints
Pheonix v1Black PhoenixBlack PegasusBlack AndromedaBlack CygnusBlack Dragon

The Steel Saints are also now complete and to be released as exclusives -_-'
Steel Saint SkySteel Saint MarineSteel Saint Land

12" Sagittarius Seiya was also spotted in the event... the joints can be seen which suggests this is a full action figure, only bigger! Wonder how much this would cost if they really decide to do a line of 12" figures... it's gonna be cool but this is not a move most fans would be in favor of.
Sagittarius 12inches 02Sagittarius 12inches 01

Monday, February 14, 2011

Black ★ Rockshooter figma WRS SP-033

Following the recent trend of packaging games with exclusive figures, the Black ★ Rockshooter game for Sony PSP will be coming with figma no. SP-033 WRS, which probably stands for White Rockshooter.  Being an exclusive also  means a big price tag especially for outside Japanese market.  How collectors acquire one will depend on their mileage, however do remember to be careful of imitations as they are also common most notoriously in online stores.  Either way, feast your eyes on the official shots of this figure.

figma SP33 01

Black ★ Rockshooter The Game PSP

Created for the Sony PSP comes Black  Rockshooter The Game.  The video can be viewed from their official site, which also happens to stream from a YouTube source.  In her promotional posters, she is depicted with another unknown female character with light purple hair. Fans should watch our for this one and hope it comes out for other languages other than Japanese.

BRS game 01

Friday, February 11, 2011

figma Kurisu Marise

figma Kurisu Marise

A figma?! This can only be fate!

figma Kurisu Marise from "Steins: Gate" announced for release on 2011/06.

Hades the God of Underworld Official Pictures

Looking really amazing, a lot of people are waiting for this one to come out, and many shall shed tears.

Official Hades kamui 08

Power of Gold - Phoenix

Toei Animation has announced that the last member to complete the Power of Gold series, the immortal Bronze Saint, Phoenix Ikki will be released on July 2011.

After having their cloths revived by the Gold Saints' blood at the end of the Sanctuary arc, the Bronze Saints confront Poseidon's 7 Marine General. Discovering that by burning their cosmos to the limit, their cloths become more powerful showing off the color and power of the Gold Saints that imbued them with their new found power.

official phoenix POG 01

official phoenix POG 02

The set features the Bronze Saints with the 1st generation body type and their corresponding cloths repainted in shimmering gold. They have included the head of their Final Cloth version counterpart so collectors will be able to display them without embarrassing themselves with the original ugly faces.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sagittarius Aiolos Appendix Release

The loyal Saint who saved Athena when the corrupted Pope attempted to take her life comes back as an appendix has been released on 29th January 2011. Even with a heavy price tag of 3990JPY for an appendix, it sure will not stop Bandai to sell a lot of this figure as it is completely compatible with the Myth Cloth figure to give it the necessary update it's desperate for.

appendix sagittarius 01

Monday, February 7, 2011

Missing THM files

Due to my own ignorance I deleted the accompanying .thm files that came along with the .mov files from the Canon digicam.  It would have saved a lot of trouble to  have checked what they really were before deciding to do away with them.

Based on what I gathered, .thm files are actually thumbnail-sized .jpegs which include some metadata pertaining to the file they came with.  For videos this would mean they act as preview image as well as provide other information such as duration and time of the video, of course, the files should have the same filename except for the file extension.  With the files gone, it will be impossible to play the videos in the digicam or even with the Canon Zoombrowser EX application (ToT).

Some people have used the .thm files from other videos, but since the metadata don't match, there is a chance that video playback will not function properly such  as the video ending sooner than the actual length if  the information is shorter than the actual video.  After a while of searching, I stumbled upon a forum thread where a user named halligang provided his self-made application to recreate the .thm files which you can check here and here for the beta2 version.  The app will allow users to extract still images and capture these as .thm files.  So far they allow the Zoombrowser to preview the files, though it seems the camera still can't recognize both files as they are not being displayed when browsing the SD card contents (still trying to work this out).

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Creating a PayPal Account

Finally made the time to sign up for my own PayPal account after finding several items on eBay that I really wanted *grins*.

I found a site that provides step by step instructions to guide you through...

For a first timer like me, the information on the site was very helpful. There are also several links to other PayPal

have paypal images and credit card netowrks