Friday, February 11, 2011

Power of Gold - Phoenix

Toei Animation has announced that the last member to complete the Power of Gold series, the immortal Bronze Saint, Phoenix Ikki will be released on July 2011.

After having their cloths revived by the Gold Saints' blood at the end of the Sanctuary arc, the Bronze Saints confront Poseidon's 7 Marine General. Discovering that by burning their cosmos to the limit, their cloths become more powerful showing off the color and power of the Gold Saints that imbued them with their new found power.

official phoenix POG 01

official phoenix POG 02

The set features the Bronze Saints with the 1st generation body type and their corresponding cloths repainted in shimmering gold. They have included the head of their Final Cloth version counterpart so collectors will be able to display them without embarrassing themselves with the original ugly faces.

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