Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tamashii Feature's 2011 Exclusive

Like usual, the Saint Cloth Myth items were quickly sold out during the event.  This time, 2 packages (technically 3 items if you count Saori and Seiya separately) were featured at the event.

Andromeda Shun final version OCE
(pictures are from GA Graphic)
andromeda final oce 01
andromeda final oce object
andromeda final oce 02andromeda final oce 03tf-exclusive-andro-final-oce

Pegasus Seiya broken OCE & Saori Kido OCE
(pictures are from GA Graphic)
pegasus broken & saori kido oce 01

pegasus broken oce 02
pegasus broken oce object
pegasus broken oce 01pegasus broken oce 03tf-exclusive-pegasus-saori-oce

saori kido oce 01
saori kido oce 02
Saori comes with a pretty in pink dress and brown hair but is missing the lot of accessories she came with in the limited release. Particularly her majestic throne, giant vase, and the urn used to seal Poseidon.

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