Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sagittarius Aiolos Appendix Release

The loyal Saint who saved Athena when the corrupted Pope attempted to take her life comes back as an appendix has been released on 29th January 2011. Even with a heavy price tag of 3990JPY for an appendix, it sure will not stop Bandai to sell a lot of this figure as it is completely compatible with the Myth Cloth figure to give it the necessary update it's desperate for.

appendix sagittarius 01

appendix sagittarius 02appendix sagittarius 03
appendix sagittarius 07appendix sagittarius 08
Includes 2 Aiolos head, normal serious and shouting. An additional Seiya head to display his moment of glory, though this one looks like it's the same as the one from Pegasus Final Cloth.

appendix sagittarius 05
appendix sagittarius 06
2 sets of wings in total.
  • 1 short right wing for Appendix.
  • 1 full length right wing.
  • 1 full length left wing.
  • 1 full length left wing flowing forward.

appendix sagittarius 04
New set of hands also for holding the powerful Sagittarius bow and arrow.

There's no doubt the combination of the Myth Cloth and Appendix is majestic. The new wing design seems to be inspired by the art of Saint Seiya Lost Canvas by Shiori Teshirogi san.

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