Monday, February 14, 2011

Black ★ Rockshooter The Game PSP

Created for the Sony PSP comes Black  Rockshooter The Game.  The video can be viewed from their official site, which also happens to stream from a YouTube source.  In her promotional posters, she is depicted with another unknown female character with light purple hair. Fans should watch our for this one and hope it comes out for other languages other than Japanese.

BRS game 01

A.D.  2051
19 years passed from the Invasion
Human race's extermination is fate.
She wakes up, but it is too late.

BRS game 02

There is a second video which depicts a new character, WRS, which is presumably for "White Rockshooter".  The exciting part is Max Factory's popular figma line has turned her into one and will be packaged along with the game.  This is both good and bad news as it will mean a hefty price tag for this figure, though she's looking quite well, especially as a formidable opponent for BRS.

BRS game 03
A.D. 2051
Human Race's Extermination is Completed
In a Galaxy
In the Palace on the moon
The Myth Begins
When the two girls' paths cross

BRS game 04

BRS game 05

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