Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bandai to announce Saint Cloth Myth new series

Live streaming is available as we gear closer to Bandai's unrevealing of their new direction.
17th May 1:00pm HONG KONG TIME @ Ustream Live from Japan ( English Subtitle)


Follow the link here...
then click on the image...

or just go here directly

Rumor has it that there will be two main announcements on the date.
  • The 12" figure line revealed during Tamashii Features 2011
    Sagittarius 12inches 02
    Which will be impressive but who knows how much fortune these would cost. It would be safe to say these would garner a reputation similar to Hot Toy's Movie Masterpiece toy line given the scale and amount of detail. Most fans will probably just select a few of their favorite characters... well it's really hard to say as once you start acquiring these things you tend to want more from the same line.

  • The Gold Saints renewal dubbed as 2.0 figures
    SCM to the next dimension 2011
    Most believe this started due to a lot of people requesting an update for the older figures. However there has also been a lot of anxiety since if Bandai does push the big RESET button most of the SCM will pale in comparison, and that would make collectors including me very unhappy on the amount we've already spent on this line. What would have been the point of releasing those appendices if we're just gonna be screwed over with this kind of direction by Bandai. Hopefully we do hear good news that this company we've supported has a conscience and is not just after our hard earned buck.
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