Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Saint Cloth Myth EX and Crown

As Tamashii confirmed our anxiety and fears have only begun with the direction for the Saint Cloth Myth series.


Looks like Saint Seiya will be staying for quite a while as we are taken into another round of ride (including those unwillingly) into these two new SCM lines...

Saint Cloth Myth Crown
Which is basically the high end product (as if SCMs were not that expensive yet o_o;) for this line. As I mentioned before, these will be like the Hot Toys movie masterpiece series where they pump out figures and try to reproduce all the details we came to know, though I wonder what would be the diecast ratio be for this kind of thing.
Saint Cloth Myth Crown

Any fan would go nuts to have their favorite Saint upsized! Just one of these would pimp up your display cabinet... er provided you can find enough room for this baby. The only thing really hurting this thing is it's object form which is obvious as you can see the plastic frame beneath it and it looks really awkward, then it also has a hefty price that's gonna hurt you. Goodluck to those who will be collecting the Crown series as these will definitely bleed you dry.

official-scc-sagittarius-seiya-01-483x600 official-scc-sagittarius-seiya-07-484x600



official-scc-sagittarius-seiya-04-300x241 official-scc-sagittarius-seiya-05-300x241 official-scc-sagittarius-seiya-06-300x241

Leading this series is none other than Sagittarius Aiolos/Seiya.
Price: 19,950 yen
Release: 2011 September (latter part)
Height: 300mm (approx 1:6)

Saint Cloth Myth EX
This would be Bandai's definition of SCM improvement - make them do something the old ones can't and charge more for it. It does boast quite a few improvements such as improved articulation, a slimmer new look, and more accessories which I think were at least 5 alternate faces and a new cape. Optionally, you can also purchase the stand which is sold separately with bonus effect parts.

First release of Gemini Saga will include limited first production bonus effect parts replicating Gemini Saga’s signature move,
“Galaxian Explosion!”

Saint Cloth Myth EX

I may be nitpicking but I have quite a few dislikes for what they did here. That new object doesn't look anywhere near as good as the original. The waist line of Saga is quite slim, wonder what he would look like without the armor. Combine a very slim figure and armor then put a lot of articulation in it, I'm worried how fragile this guy may turn out to be. Not really an issue but he does look quite a lot younger here. He may also got a new cape but it looks solid plastic from here, wonder how many poses you can actually do with it. And of course, just look at the price of this thing, this makes collecting them quite impractical, perhaps I might make a few exemptions but I don't see myself able to keep up with this kind of expense. As far as I'm concerned, this line is an overpriced remake, for now, nothing to do but observe how things will turn out and what developments we will see for the original SCM line.

SCM EX Gemini Saga (2) SCM EX Gemini Saga (6) SCM EX Gemini Saga (4)

SCM EX Gemini Saga (5) SCM EX Gemini Saga (3)
SCM EX Gemini Saga (9) SCM EX Gemini Saga (13)

SCM EX Gemini Saga (12) SCM EX Gemini Saga (7)
SCM EX Gemini Saga (11) SCM EX Gemini Saga (8)
SCM EX Gemini Saga (10) SCM EX Gemini Saga

Gemini Saga leading this line.
Cost: 6,825 yen
Release: 2011 August 27 (tentative)
Height: 180mm

Optional base.
Price: 2,100 yen
Release: 2011 August 27 (tentative)

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