Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sanyo Saint Seiya Pachinko

Saint Seiya fans all over have been raving to the new pachinko machine revealed by Sanyo. This game machine will be covering the legendary Sanctuary arc where the Bronze Saints raced the 12 palaces to save Athena who has been shot in the heart with an arrow.

SS Pachinko 01SS Pachinko 02

All key scenes have been enhanced and included such as Dragon Shiryu's suicide attack on Capricorn Shura, Cygnus Hyoga's battle with Aquarius Camus for ice superiority, the cries of Pegasus Seiya to wake up a brainwashed Leo Aiolia, the bloody rose of Pisces Aphrodite stabbing Andromeda Shun, and of course the cruel scene where Phoenix Ikki was shattered by Virgo Shaka.

The video leaves us fans wanting to have the entire series remade in this quality. It would be amazing to re-watch the Sanctuary Chapter with this quality as it is on par with the Hades Inferno Chapter.

Pachinko machines are already a part of Japan's culture and are probably here to stay forever. Players use small metal balls and insert them into slots similar to a pinball machine and fire them into the machine with only a control for the launch speed they are shot into the machine with the use of a throttle. These balls fall through a configuration of pins where the objective is to have them fall into one of the designated pockets to earn jackpot (kakuhen) which is in the form of more balls! If they fall anywhere else, they are lost.

There are pachinko parlors all over Japan which mimic how casinos operate, particularly the area for slot machines, same over the top design, same bells and whistles, same appeal to have customers insert those balls and spend spend spend. Below is a video of the unveiling of the Saint Seiya Pachinko, done by beautiful women wearing of course, Greek Olympian costumes :).

It'd be nice if these machines would reach our countries ^^. Though there's a high risk also that a lot of users would get hooked noting the addictive nature of these machines and their similarity to casino slot machines.

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